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Tech Gate (in Vitro testing services)

Since the beginning of 2008 ViruSure's in vitro laboratories have operated out of state of the art laboratory space at the Tech Gate Science and Technology Park.

( - Tech Gate is a technology centre initiated by the City of Vienna and the Federal government to promote the realization of technological advancements within Austria.).

Our search for laboratory space within Vienna was dominated by one guiding principle- to obtain laboratory suites that would ensure and maintain the high level of quality that has been the core strategy of ViruSure since founding. This of course includes a facility optimally designed to enable the GMP/GLP certification of our services under Biosafety Level 2(BSL2). With Tech Gate we have a facility which not only meets these requirements, but goes beyond, offering state of the art conference facilities and function rooms, as well as being ideally located, with excellent public transport connections, close to the heart of the beautiful city of Vienna (~ 10 min) and close to Vienna International Airpot(~ 25 min). The ViruSure laboratory complex has been custom designed to our specifications, and represents the completion of an extensive planning operation initiated at the end of 2006.

Virusure GmbH

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