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Dr. Andy Bailey
CEO & Operations Director

Originally a chemist/biochemist, Andy later specialised in Virology serving for 9 years at the MRC Virology Unit in Glasgow, Scotland, studying Herpesviruses and Adenoviruses. In 1995, he moved to the industry sector, initially as Director of Virus Validation services with Q-One Biotech Ltd, and later at the Pathogen Safety group of Baxter Healthcare in Vienna, Austria.

Over the last 15 years Andy has been actively involved in the virus and prion safety field, presenting at numerous regulatory agencies either in support of products or as an invited speaker at expert workshops. This has included presentations at the UK MHRA, German PEI, French AFFSAPS, US FDA, EMEA and JMHLW (Japan) supporting regulatory submissions for various products. He has extensive experience in regulatory affairs and virus safety issues. He currently serves as an external expert for the EU SCENIHR committee on emerging human health risks, and continues to be a frequent presenter at international biopharmaceutical conferences.

In 2005 he founded ViruSure with the goal of providing a high quality testing service to the biopharmaceutical industry, a philosophy which remains a key focal point of the company.

Dr. Walter Tabotta
Manager QC Laboratories

Walter is responsible for management of the in vitro laboratories at the Tech Gate facility of ViruSure. He is a veterinarian by training and thereafter completed his Doctorate at the Institute of Virology, Universtiy of Vienna, Austria. He continued his postdoctoral activities at the Institute of Virology and worked eventually for Austrianova, a company specialising in the development of encapsulated cell based therapies for the treatment of cancers. He therefore comes with significant experience in the GMP testing of cell-based therapeutics gained during his time at Austrianova.

Dr. Katrin Weixelbaumer

Katrin started her doctoral program at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institut for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology in Vienna, Austria. She completed her doctoral thesis in 2010. During these years in research, she gained much experience in working with various animal models of sepsis, shock and intensive care. Parallel to her scientific career, Katrin kept a strong focus on her training as a professional laboratory animal specialist – she is a FELASA C certified veterinarian. At ViruSure, Katrin is responsible for conducting our in vivo experiments and the management of our GMP/GLP certified Animal Facility situated at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna.

Angelika Spreitzhofer, M.Sc.
Quality Manager

Angelika performed her studies at the Technical College for Chemistry in Graz before completing her post-graduate studies at the Donau University, Krems. She has been active in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 13 years holding positions at Baxter Healthcare, piChem and the Austrian inspectorate for GLP/GMP inspections (AGES PharmMed).

At Baxter Angelika held positions in the Vaccine, Plasma and Biosurgery divisions focussing on molecular diagnostics, cell culture and in vivo based tests for virus and bacteria as well as managing the fibrin glue analytical labs. She also assisted the company piChem R&D in Graz to assist in the establishment of GMP systems. From 2005 till 2010 Angelika served as lead auditor for GLP and GMP inspections for the AGES PharmMed responsible for inspections both within Austria as well as inspections in cooperation with other international authorities including the EMA, OECD and WHO. She continues to serve as external expert to the WHO assisting in inspections ensuring a safe and secure supply of medical products for critical therapies (e.g. AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis) in developing countries.

Angelika joined ViruSure in September 2010 as Quality Manager with overall responsibility for maintaining and developing the ViruSure quality systems to ensure a continued high level of quality for our testing services.

Dr. Ralf Klein
Business Development Manager
Tel: +49 (0)721-665-46011
Fax: +43 (0)12699-12022
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Dr Ralf Klein is Manager of Business Development at ViruSure, having joined ViruSure in August 2009. Ralf comes to ViruSure with ~15 years experience in the contract pathogen safety testing service industry.

Prior to his position at ViruSure he has worked at several other CRO´s (BioReliance, Invitrogen, NewLab BioQuality and Charles River Laboratories). At BioReliance he was a Study Director for virus validation studies for about 4 years before moving into the role of a key account manager for biosafety testing services. His subsequent positions at other CRO’s has been in business development / key account management.

A graduate of the University of Heidelberg with a degree in Genetics, Microbiology and Biochemistry, he served for 4 years at the diagnostic laboratory Seelig establishing ELISA and PCR tests for virus and autoimmune diagnostics. He earned his Ph.D in virology at the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg working on Hepatitis B Virus at the Institute for Applied Tumour Virology(headed by 2008 Nobel Prize winner Prof.Harald zur Haussen). Following his Ph.D., Ralf worked also as a post-doctoral fellow at the Institute for Applied Tumour Virology studying Tumor Suppressor Genes. Ralf holds a patent on a p53 ELISA test.

Dr. Marina Santos
Buisiness Development Manager
Tel: +43 12699 120

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Marina holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from University of Minho (Portugal) in collaboration with Johannes-Gutenberg University (Germany).

She performed her post-doctoral research in stem cell therapies for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases with the support of Marie-Curie Fellowship. In 2012, Marina joined the company nLife Therapeutics, a biotech company developing therapeutic oligonucleotides, as Head of Laboratory. Afterwards, Marina moved into the Biologics CMO sector, first at Stemmatters as Head of QC and then as Business Development Manager at 3P Biopharmaceuticals.

Marina joined ViruSure’s team in 2020 as Business Development Manager bringing experience in ATMP development as well as in biopharmaceuticals and is responsible for customers in Portugal, Spain, France, United Kingdom and North and South America and China.

Dr. Alexander Vodopivec
Managing Director F & A

Dr. Alexander Vodopivec: Alexander serves as Chief Financial Officer. He has extensive experience in the founding, financing, operation and guidance of young start-up companies. He is currently also an executive officer of Busyangel (, a Vienna based investment company specialising in investing into small and growing start-up companies.

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