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Scientific/Advisory Board

A wealth of experience in both, scientific and financial arena is at ViruSure's disposal through it's supervisory and scientific boards,

Dr. Bob Rohwer is the Director of the Molecular Neurovirology Laboratory, Veteran Affairs Medical Research Service; President, Baltimore Research and Education Foundation, Inc. He is a pioneer in the field of prion research, particularly as it relates to the safety of blood and blood derived products, and is a frequent presenter on prion safety issues at scientific and regulatory meetings.
Dr. Alasdair Shepherd is the Vice President of Supply Management for Biogen Idec BV, and is based in Switzerland. Dr. Shepherd is a highly experienced virologist, and was director of the virology testing services at Q-One Biotech for about 8 years. Prior to moving to Biogen, Dr. Shepherd also served as Operations Director for Q-One Biotech's US testing facility.
Andreas Hauer, lic oec HSG, is Head of Recovery & Resolution Planning at Erste Group Bank AG. Besides his experience in the  financial services industry, he held positions at a number of Biotech companies including Savira, Onepharm and Igeneon. Prior to this he was a consultant with the Boston Consulting and an analyst at Morgan Stanley. He holds a master degree in economics and finance from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and a degree from the Institute d´Etude Politiques de Paris. He is the chair of the ViruSure Supervisory Board.
Walter H. Günzburg, Ph.D., Dr. rer. nat. habil., is Professor of Virology and Chairman of the Institute of Virology at the Vienna University of Veterinary Medicine. In the past he has served as a scientific consultant for Bavarian Nordic and on the supervisory board of Austrian-Nordic Biotherapeutics. He has more than 20 years experience in virology and has published over 90 scientific publications in the field of retrovirology and gene therapy.

Prof. Hans Lutz is Professor of the Clinical Laboratory, Department of Internal Veterinary Medicine, University of Zurich and studied veterinary medicine at the University of Zurich. He spent three years in the USA working on feline virology and immunology prior to returning to Zurich to take up the Chair of the Clinical Laboratory. His research interests cover milk hygiene and mastitis, the pathogenesis and immunoprevention of retro-- and coronavirus infections, with particular reference to the cat, and the epidemiology and molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Swetly is Vice Rector for R&D, at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna. Prior to taking this position at the University, he was Director of Research & Development at Boehringer Ingelheim in Vienna, and thus brings an in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing requirements for biopharmaceutical products to the company.


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