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GMP Cell Banking & Storage

The creation of a regulatory-compliant cell bank is an essential component in the production of well characterised biopharmaceutical products. The use of qualified cell banks provides opportunity to detect and identify (and thereby exclude) possible contaminating adventitious agents such as viruses and mycoplasma prior to their use in manufacture. By establishing a cell bank, the manufacturer can ensure that a uniform population of cells is preserved, and then used as start material for each manufacturing campaign.

Also of importance is ensuring that the integrity of the cell bank is maintained and that a sufficient supply of material is readily available for the life of the product. ViruSure is dedicated to meeting your manufacturing needs for the production of cell banks for recombinant biopharmaceutical and for vaccine production. Our significant technical and regulatory expertise provides you with the project management and support you need for efficient product development and with guidance you can trust to ensure regulatory approval.

Our cell bank manufacturing services include:

  • Manufacture of the Master and Working Cell
  • Banks to GMP standards
  • GMP storage of Master and Working cell banks in either ultra-low freezers or liquid nitrogen (for more information, click here)

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