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Retrovirus tests

Retroviruses are a known and accepted viral contaminant of e.g. recombinant cell lines. Despite their acceptance, guidelines still require the characterisation of any retrovirus contamination in terms of:

  • Type of retrovirus particle observed (e.g. A- type, C-type, R-type)
  • Quantification of the retrovirus load in bulk harvests
  • Characterisation of any infectious retrovirus present Page 9
  • Levels of virus associated reverse transcriptase (e.g. via FPERT assay) ViruSure offers a range of retrovirus testing services to meet the above regulatory requirements, including:
  • Retrovirus infectivity tests
  • FPERT Retrovirus testing
  • Electron microscopy for characterisation and quantification of retrovirus particles
  • Co-cultivation assays

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