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Prion Clearance Studies

In addition to the significant experience in virus clearance studies, the ViruSure team has been actively involved with prion safety studies since the BSE crisis first came to light in 1996. The first commercially available Western blot assay for use in Prion reduction studies was developed at Q-One Biotech, by the now Director of Operations at ViruSure, Andy Bailey. Furthermore, Dr. Bob Rohwer, one of the world's foremost prion researchers, serves as a scientific advisor to ViruSure, and the Western blot assay as well as the prion bioassay systems currently used within ViruSure are based upon the Rohwer laboratories methods.

ViruSure is presently working on developing novel in vitro methodologies for use in prion clearance studies, and since 2007 has been performing in vivo bioassay testing of mouse or hamster prion sample generated in prion clearance studies. The in vivo testing model enables compliance with the EMEA position statement on vCJD and the safety of plasma- and urine-derived medicinal products, where bio-assay confirmation of clearance factors is encouraged for steps investigated using in vitro methodologies, but where little data is currently available in literature.

Contact us today and take advantage of our extensive experience in:

  • Prion clearance or inactivation studies (download our fact sheet here)
  • Prion bioassay testing of samples from clearance studies (mouse and/or hamster adapted TSE strains)
  • Prion risk assessments (for human- or animal-derived products)

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EM image of Prion fibrils kindly provided by Institute for Animal Health, Edinburgh, UK

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